brand fiction

media concepts for branded entertainment

This is you

You are a brand leader, for your company or your client, and you want to:

  • Build or redefine a brand identity
  • Translate a brand identity into a brand image
  • Refresh or adjust an existing brand image

This is what I can do for you

  • Storytelling concepts to create your product, brand, or CI world
  • Media Concept to establish your world across mass & social media
  • Project management for content realization & implementation

These are our resources

social scripts

collaborative social/mobile/real time media
for intranet, extranet, and the social web

Consulting and conceptual design

  • Platform development for collaborative and cocreative communication
  • Development of vertical and horizontal network environments
  • Social & psychological engineering to optimize network interactions

Resources and experience

  • Ten years experience in designing/developing collaborative networks
  • Collaboration with social scientists and communication experts
  • Social media studies & best practice recommendations for professional services firms; co-organizer for media-related conferences
  • Project management experience and IT certifications

story design

advergaming, adverfiction, and gamification

This is you

Your internal or external communication needs a boost and you want to:

  • Unlock additional media & social channels for your brand world
  • Step up your product’s recognition value & sales
  • Upgrade your corporate training & leadership programs

This is us

  • Screenplays for advergame, social media game, transmedia project
  • Adverfiction scripts & storyboards from radio soaps to graphic novels
  • Serious Games concepts for corporate training & staff engagement

These are my resources

  • Contract game designers from the Mediadesign University
  • Contract writers and editors from the FDA pool
  • Research projects for narrative structures & game-based learning

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J. Martin, Dr. phil.
Grillparzerstr. 4
40470 Düsseldorf

  • Lecturer for Media & Communication Management and Game Design
  • 13 years CD Copy, Communications, Marketing freelance & agencies
  • Freelance writer & member of the German Writers Guild FDA
  • Ph.D. & M.A. in Literature, American Studies, Histor

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What we do

Integrated design, evaluation, execution,
and editorial support for internal and
external organizational, brand, and
product communication.

With a focus on social/mobile/
real time media, gamification, and
transmedia storytelling.

For organizations, marketing teams,
advertising agencies, publishers, and
and owner-operated regional SMBs.

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